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Join Meegan Bradley for your daily yoga classes and workshops. Meegan has been teaching in different disciplines for over 15 years and have extensive teaching knowledge. She believes learning is power, especially when taught in an accessible and friendly way. She has been teaching yoga intensively for over 4 years now and have done bespoke training in assists and adjusts, yin yoga, using props to aid practice and yoga for sport. She also runs her own yoga studio Hotpod Yoga Margate. She believes learning never stops and one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves is to be self reflective practitioners.


Her teaching style is non-judgemental and friendly. There is no ‘bad’ at yoga but there are ways that we can use our own personal alignment and body awareness to improve mobility and strength. We can get lost sometimes in classes with the queues the teachers are giving can feel general, fast or we simply don’t understand sanskrit! Working with Meegan on yoga retreats gives you a chance to do classes in smaller groups, discuss your practice personally with her during your time and the opportunity for 1:1 sessions on retreat to work on anything specific you would like as well.  At the end of the retreat you will leave with more clarity, strength and confidence which will help empower you in your yoga practice moving forward!


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