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We all have a powerful voice within. A voice that guides, protects, creates, transforms, and heals. A voice that is ancient, vast, full of magic and wisdom, designed to speak what is unseen, understanding the language of love, attuned to the cosmic, and is connected to the rose-threaded lines of wise women who came before us. A voice that calls down the heavens to birth what is true into the world.
Retreat into the sacred Provence region of France. Wake up every morning to the healing solar energies of the sun that call out your bright expression, feel the medicine of the lavender fields, vineyards, and olive groves, the mountains, ancient villages, and the nurturance of the feminine community as we heal together in sacred ceremony, as well as through movement, vocal practices, energy work, bodywork, tattoo medicine, joyful expression, and more. Ashley, ceremonial tattoo artist and Nicolette, vocal coach and sound healer, will guide you through a journey of remembering your power, your truth, your ancient wisdom, and your voice.