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This retreat style course is created to inspire and equip you with the skills to transform your world, with gentle practices in the kitchen and in your household management.

Are you feeling called to make choices that deeply nourish and care for you and your family, while also stepping more lightly on our earth?

If you feel concern for how we shop, how we cook, how we clean and how we care for our bodies; then this course gives you sure steps towards achieving just that.

It is our sincere belief that every choice counts – that through the decisions we make every day we are voting for the kind of society we want to live in and future we wish to be part of.

During this week the programme of workshops, practical sessions, and study sessions – as well as time to relax and revitalise – will help support you through the changes you need to make to lower your impact.


We will explore kinder choices in:

  • the marketplace: seeking local and seasonal produce, nutrition and provenance, making better relationships with local producers whose methods and approach are allied to your own
  • the kitchen: boosting nutrients, bioavailability and flavour
  • creating meals that nourish you mind, body and soul
  • the home: cleaning, equipment and maintaining a gentle household blending cleaning products kinder to you and to our environment
  • the self: body care, meditation and yoga
  • embracing personal practice that sustains and uplift each and every day

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