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Come and join Nickyy for this very special offering to explore your most essential nature and your purpose in this world, the TRUTH of who you are.
We will come together in Sanga (spiritual community) to explore your Souls Purpose through Yoga, meditation, workshops, dance, sharing, Soul Vision boarding and so much more!
Your Soul knows that you are the very essence of Nature herself; unfolding in perfection from breath to breath. That you ARE the creative process embodied, manifest and so ALIVE!  From Seed to Bud to Bloom.
Are you willing??
~Willing to explore the DIVINE creative force that you are?
~Willing to show UP, let go, dig your awareness deep into the earthy nature of your potential -that which you came here for?
~Willing to be SEEN, to GROW and maybe let something die?
~Willing to accept that now is the time to acknowledge the truth of your SOUL PURPOSE?
There is only NOW.
Are you willing to commit to 5 days and 4 nights of coming together as the SOUL FAMILY that we are to CELEBRATE life, dive deep into our JOYOUS hearts, explore innate CREATIVITY and cultivate a space for profound healing and JOY!
Inviting a new found freedom and fresh purpose into this precious life – into YOU!
Please click the link for all the information you may need and contact Nickyy directly with any questions.