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In the warmth of this ancient land, we will explore the Fractal nature of our anatomy, unwind tensions, release pain syndromes, and sing.

We will be learning about the stretch reflex and how we can move so little, and yet gain so much in even the short span of a moment.  Learning Somatic Stretch® gives us tools to bring home to help you transition through pain syndromes, to fluidity and ease.

Frozen shoulder? Low back pain? neck and shoulder tension? Digestive issues? Sciatica? We will be covering your specific challenges, change the way you feel and give you techniques to take home so you can keep yourself moving in a pain-free direction! 

Who is this for?

This workshop is for individuals who want to amplify their health through gentle stretch, learn how to ease their own aches and pains they have not been able to get a handle on and bring this knowledge and inner awareness back home into their daily lives.

It is for those interested in cosmological geometry and curious what this has to do with your nervous system, muscles and health. 

This retreat is also for trainees to hone their skills and gain greater confidence in their own personal practice, or gain more training towards certification as a Somatic Stretch® teacher.

If you can sit on the floor, you can do these exercises! Once you learn how to relate to the stretch reflex you will be amazed how little you need to move to expand flexibility and increase blood flow so radically!

If you are very flexible you will gain deeper insight into patterns that protect you, areas you didn’t realise were hiding and how you can align and move energy even more easily through your body to improve health. 

ADDED BRILLIANCE for this retreat

Beautiful Music

An International Kirtan Walla you will love, Adam Bauer’s music brings with it a resonance of true Healing. We are lucky to have him at this retreat to bring us morning inspiration, evening peacetime, and some deepening melodies to the stretch.


Beautiful Expansion through Somatic Stretch®

A family lineage from grandfather to mother to Meredith, I will be leading us into the refined regions where easy movement meets its first edge, and carry us into the realms of open, easy engagement.

We will weave our way through an understanding of our own fractal anatomy, and learn how to move so little, and accomplish so much.


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