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Join Grace Tempany for a retreat specifically designed for other teachers!

Here is what Grace says:

12 of us commit to and co-create a weeklong retreat. It will be run by us and for us, teachers sharing the space-holding for other teachers.

🌟 There are 6 full days and 12 teaching slots, so each person just teaches or leads 1 and gets to relax and enjoy the other 11. Each session could be like a mini-workshop (yoga class/meditation/talk/practice/healing) where the teacher can showcases his/her offering.

🌟 To make it affordable we go self-catering, we visit the local marché and just have a rota of sorts perhaps.

🌟 Basically, we have a retreat but we also just have a holiday! The gardens, lavender and vineyards are ready and waiting. Free time will be plentiful and rest encouraged – I prefer the term ‘retreat holiday’!


🌟 Flights are direct to Carcassonne with Ryanair and are currently reasonable – bags are extra but we need just bathing suits and yoga pants, right?

🌟 The self-catering option shared by 12 of us means that including flights and some money in the kitty for provisions the entire week (including flights) will come very reasonable!

So, can it work? 😍 Who is free between April 11-18 and wants to be part of this?


A review of last year:

‘Kula’ = Community, Tribe, of the heart 💛
It’s the solidarity and support we all need in order to bring forth our gifts and live out our Dharma, our unique life paths and full potential, in a sustainable way 
This beautiful concept was taught to us in action, during a fab Anusara yoga class by Riana Walsh, and embodied by everyone during this past week together.
Kula is such a vital foundation to authentic living. I feel like anything is possible, when we are seen and encouraged in our uniqueness, when our strengths and vulnerabilities are equally celebrated, and when we are inspired by hanging out with like-hearted people who share the same values and passions ✴️
I’m SO grateful to have been included on this amazing, collaborative retreat, as the only psychotherapist among yoga teachers! Along with Andi Vard AV Fitness and Nutrition – pilates + women’s health and fitness guru extraordinaire, the other adopted yogi for the week 
This definitely has renewed my commitment to yoga practice as a way to come home to my true self, and also bringing in more lively and ‘expressive’ movement practices (- thinking our asses aligned on the terrace balcony, shaking our Shakti to Andi’s stomping choons and encouragement 😁) .
The multiple passions, gifts and talents of these women is just off the charts. And everyone was so open to learning from each other’s approaches, including tapping into their inner wisdom and intuition via the Tarot, and sharing their experiences together in circle 🙏 .
I can’t wait to see what juicy collaborations and creations emerge from the cosmic energy we have generated this past week! 🌟
Grace Tempany DubYin Yoga – merci infiniment for having manifested your vision into a beautiful reality for all of us!