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Be 10 Again! Is a once in a lifetime themed Yoga retreat, based on Krista S. Moore’s book and program Your 10 Year Old Self: The Powerful Process of Going Backwards to Move Forward in Your Life.  


This week-long adventure will be co-facilitated by Life and Wellness Coach and Yoga Retreat Specialist, Cyndi Bulka, along with Author, Speaker and Business Coach, Krista S. Moore.  There is no better place in the world than this tranquil French countryside destination, to experience this relaxed, peaceful and heart-stirring experience.


What were you doing when you were 10? Your answer to this question has the potential to transform your life! Ten is a significant age, because prior to 10 we have parental influence; after ten we are affected by peer and social pressure, then hormones set in. At 10 years old, we have unlimited potential, not a worry in the world, and we are our most authentic self.  


What to expect at the Be 10 Again! Yoga Retreat:


  • Playfully engage your 10-year-old self through games, reflections, journaling, and creative activities
  • Discover who you are at your core and what might be missing in your life
  • Find your hidden passion, talents while embracing your true authentic self
  • Enjoy daily yoga sessions that are playful, non-competitive, gently challenging and suitable for all levels of experience
  • Find much-needed peace among the 15+ private acres and adjoining nature trails
  • Enjoy hiking the gorgeous countryside, visit local wineries, and village market places
  • Lounge by the pool, soak up the sun, and restore your soul
  • Let your inner child come out to laugh and play
  • Leave the retreat transformed, with a plan to move forward in your life with greater joy and purpose





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