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Life in Balance Yoga Retreat – November 10-17 2018

Experience what better life balance feels like by immersing yourself in the practices of yoga and meditation, outdoor activities, and on-site workshops while enjoying the comforts and amenities of an all-inclusive travel experience.

Life in Balance

Everything in life is about the yin and yang. Positive and negative, ease and effort, love and loss, personal and professional, health and indulgence – we are constantly looking for that sweet spot where we can find our centre, our balance, even in the midst of whatever life might throw our way. But how do we embrace our experiences to find that balance?

The practice of yoga brings a greater sense of balance to your life by allowing you the space and awareness to just be you and to feel present, during the good, the bad, and the ugly moments of life. Allowing oneself through the practice of yoga to be fully present and connected to what we feel and why we feel it brings us to a place where we can live more mindfully. And with that mindfulness, we are able to come that much closer to the sweet spot: that balanced place in the middle of it all where we feel peace and tranquility.

This retreat is for you if…

  • You want to invest in yourself and your overall well-being by experiencing the practices and tools to find a better life balance
  • You want to recharge your batteries, relax and restore your body
  • You want to feel grounded and are looking to be at one with yourself, nature, and your surroundings
  • You want to get back the simplicity of life and give yourself the time and space to stop overthinking and just be present
  • You want the feeling of ‘home’ when you’re away, without all of the stresses of home life
  • You want to deepen your yoga practice and find a sense of balance that you can take back home with you
  • You want to be taken care of; allowing yourself to focus on yourself and your practice while we take careof the rest. You just need to get yourself there!

Sample Daily Itinerary

7AM: Tea, Coffee, Fruit
7:30-9AM: Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation Practice
9AM-10AM: Breakfast
10AM-1PM: Off-site excursion or free time
1PM-2PM: Light lunch
2PM-5PM: On-site workshop or free time
5PM-6:30PM: Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation Practice
6:30PM-8PM: Dinner

Yoga Retreat

About Nicole & Stephanie:

Yoga has been a part of our lives for many years. Our practice has inspired us to find peace and tranquility with the choices we make in life and inspires us to live each moment more mindfully.

We are Canadians who bonded in friendship over a shared passion for travel, living abroad and practicing yoga.

Realizing that corporate life was for neither one of us in our late-20’s, Nicole now teaches yoga out of a live-in yoga studio in Hamilton, Ontario, while Stephanie teaches yoga and works for an international travel company in Beaune, France.

We are committed to bringing our students to a place of balance and serenity through a yoga practice full of heart and inspiration.

How to Book

For more information and to book your spot in this retreat please click here