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Mindfully explore the natural beauty of the French countryside through daily yoga, meditation, nature walks & hikes, local excursions to historic sites, french cuisine & wine tasting, and more.


Yoga & Mindfulness

Connect with yourself

Each day will begin with optional meditation, followed by a refreshing morning yoga flow. On some days, we will offer a second yin, restorative, or slow flow class to help us restore from the day.

The mindfulness doesn’t stop in the yoga studio. I will be offering meditations and mindful walks in nature, as well as opportunities to reflect and connect with yourself on a regular basis.

Special Workshops

In addition to our yoga classes, I will offer several special workshops. One will be a yin/restorative yoga class with reiki to help assist with relaxation and healing. Another will be a special intention setting/moon ceremony to connect with the cycles of nature and plant our intentions for new days to come. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience a mindful eating experience, where Certified Health Coach Kate Watson from Feeding the Journey will teach us how to be present as we enjoy our meal.

New to yoga?

It’s a great time to get outside your comfort zone and try something new. I have experience working with all levels and ages. Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or looking to advance your practice, we are here for you. All classes and workshops will be tailored to your needs. Remember classes and workshops are optional so feel free to skip a day and take some free time, this is your trip!


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