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We are so happy that many of the retreat leaders, teachers, and coaching guides are choosing to book their time on retreat here at Domaine de Mournac in France, for their wonderful students, clients and indeed friends.


Here are some lovely words that we (Jon and Lucy) always really appreciate hearing as it helps us to have the power and courage to continue on our path in life, to be the best for you:

(recently received testimonials)

“Domaine de Mournac feels like a home from home and is our favourite place to host our retreats. There is a level of care and kindness offered here that is hard to find and we love everything about this place! We’ve been hosting retreats at Domaine de Mournac from the first year that Jon and Lucy opened and return every year. Whatever time of year you visit, it is pure magic and is the perfect place to fill your cup. As retreat hosts, the space is very flexible,  there’s a beautiful yoga studio and lots of space for people to mingle and also have their own space. What more can we say? We love it! Chloe & Katy x “

“Right from the booking to our arrival, Lucy & Jon were ever so helpful.
When we arrived, the venue was just like how we imagined but even more beautiful and relaxing in real life.
The yoga space is beautiful, especially in the morning with the gorgeous sunrise and the sliding doors.
The whole flow of the building works well. All the rooms are beautiful and bright.
We were lucky enough to have good weather to spend time around the pool. The views from here are incredible.
We managed to head out one early morning to make a short trek up a very steep hill to witness the sunrise and my goodness, it was worth it.
You are really in the middle of the countryside, it’s so peaceful and nestled amongst a beautiful landscape. I would love to come back and host a retreat here again in the future!
The only downside was the airport transfer to the venue. My memory is a bit hazy about that, but I think there was a long stay at the airport for our guests before they got picked up due to different flight arrival times. It would be better if the transfer people would do more than 1 pick up.
Hopefully see you again in the future!”
Thanks Nicole, This travelling tip is super helpful too! 🙂


So here are some of the recent words we have indeed been blessed to receive, do you have anything you want to add?

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