June 4 – June 9 2022

Last minute yoga retreat spaces available!

Yoga Club Paris

It is very exciting to share that Anurhada and Jacqueline will be running a retreat here in Southern France, and taking the time to welcome clients from all over the world.

The retreat will be run in spoken English, but French speakers are of course more than welcome – nous sommes en France bien sur 🙂

Many people visit Paris in France as part of their European travels, but be sure to enjoy the fact that Yoga Club Paris are indeed now running their first Summer retreat in Southern France – what an excellent combination!

So here we are at Domaine de Mournac, based in the foothills of the Pyrenees, sharing some of the activities and experiences you will enjoy, and diving a little deeper into the raison d’etre for this dynamic duo.

It is exciting to confirm, you can look forward to:






The duo behind this in Paris, who will be your guides here, are Anurhada Goyel and Jacqueline Koenig.

Here are a few Q & As you may find enlightening:



Anuradha Goyel

Q: How does your practice of yoga influence your approach to life?

Thanks for the question. To me, being an Indian and trained in India, Yoga has always been a ‘way of life’, a joie de vivre; not just on the mat but outside of it too. There is more to life than the physical practice of yoga. The “body beautiful” is not a sign of success. You will see…

 Where did you choose to “train” to receive such awareness?

 I am RYT 500hrs trained in Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, from the oldest lineage of Yoga (Sivananda, Krishnamacharya), in India itself.

I also undertook Pre post natal & Ayurveda Therapy. And I am now pursuing an advanced training (800hrs) towards becoming a Yoga Therapist.

Living life as a continuous learner, and sharing all my findings, is very important.


What guidance do you wish to share with anyone that is debating whether to come on retreat?

The power you already have is strong. You need to take time to reflect and learn how to cope with your day to day life. Escape the hustle and bustle. You deserve it.


Jacqueline Koenig


How do you work so beautifully in partnership with Anuradha?

A very interesting question! I bring classical alignment and mindfulness into my classes to develop a practice beyond physical exercise. I teach yoga with a big smile, mixed with challenge and fun that will help everyone feel more energetic and grounded.

Remember, physical bodies are just one thing to consider! It’s enlightening to learn this!

And did you also take training that helps you to teach such great classes with a smile?

That is right, I am a Yoga Alliance RYT500 teacher and studied Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga as well as Mindfulness meditation in both Australia and India.

Traveling the world was my privilege, and I want to share my learnings with as many people as I can. Sharing knowledge, findings, interpretations and more….

We also continue to learn – once a teacher, always a student – with a big smile too 🙂


Any more tips for those considering taking a retreat this Summer?


Sure, the time is now! The world is reopening like a Lotus. So can you! Any questions, be sure to speak to us. We are so excited to be taking Yoga Club Paris down to Southern France to see the mountains, the countryside, to feel the energy there. Be brave and take the chance!



Well that is sure a lot of information to digest! Enlightening you may say 🙂


So we hope this has been helpful for you. Remember, contact us if you have any questions. 


Anuradha, Yoga Club Paris: yogaclubparis@gmail.com 

Jacqueline, Yoga Club Paris: yogaclubparis@gmail.com 

Lucy,  Domaine de Mournac:   info@domainedemournac.com

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