Autumn days at Mournac

Autumn is a time for letting go, for letting all that happened throughout the year wash away, clearing the way for rest and reinvigoration over Winter, to allow new growth and improvement next year.

You know Autumn is here when the leaves turn golden, burnt orange and yellow, and eventually start to fall.


Here at Domaine de Mournac, we’ve been loving watching the seasons change.

The view of the valley turns to patchwork orange and brown, dappled in the low Sun. Snow returns to the Mountains of Madre and St.Bartholomew in the distance.




Olives are the last to be harvested in the Autumn. Plump and juicy, they are ripe for the picking…




To take a walk through the woods at Mournac, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot joins you…





As the Autumn sun creates dappled orange light in the woods…





At Domaine de Mournac this Autumn, we are clearing and preparing our vegetable patch for winter, collecting fallen leaves to make mulch for the garden next year, and planning all of our activities for next year.

We have lots of ideas for events, retreats and activities we are going to offer, working in collaboration with teachers, leaders and groups from all over the world. All set to make 2018 a fantastic year at Domaine de Mournac.

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